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Why this website?
I have a box full of magazines from the seventies. I could have gotten some good money for them on Ebay. But to my horror, I discovered that when I was twenty something, I tore up pages out of everyone of them. So I decided that the next best thing would be to put the information on the Internet and share it with you.
My heroes
In 1971, a friend took me to the Speedway at the Sydney showground and my mind was blown away.
In 1972 I discovered Touring Cars and I started to go to every race in Oran Park and Amaroo Park for the following 10 years. I went to my first Bathurst in 1974.

I barracked for the under-dog. Allan Moffat, as a privateer was very much the under-dog. So right from 1973, I was only watching motor racing because of one man... Allan Moffat. I did not care about anybody else. Plus I always liked the look of those big Fords.
It was 1980 before I took notice of Dick Johnson, thanks to "The Rock". I was still supporting Moffat in the Mazda... But I needed a new Ford man and Dick Johnson was perfect for the role.
It was 1985 before I took a real interest in Peter Brock. And the reason for this was his impressive performance at Bathurst that year after having become the under-dog against the rest of the world. He repeated that performance in 1987.
As "V8 Supercars" started in 1993, Larry Perkins became the man of the moment and continued that trend through the nineties. However, 1994 was a big year for Dick Johnson and I was still very much a Ford man at that time. Actually, I think I will always be a Ford man because they have so much bad luck at Bathurst and they are always out numbered on the grid by the Holdens. It is easy to look at the winning results. But the reality tells a different story.

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